Welcome to the Club!

This is the place for the coolest, sickest RatRod NFT collection on the Web! Each collectibile NFT is completely unique, and new cars will be released each week so be sure to check back often for new models and wicked new features!

Mint Your Own RatRod!

Each RatRod is completely unique! Some features, colors and backgrounds are rare, and some more common. For each edition, I will be dropping a limited-number edition to the mix, including different car models and crazy components! The maximum mint for any car model will be capped at 5,000 to help maintain their value and encourage trading.

NEW! Rattie RatRacers PFPs!

img Every RatRod needs a RatRacer! RatRacer Rodney is a PFP edition which will be used in the game (under development) along with the RatRodz cars. Each Rattie has a ton of attitude, and some nice rarity features. Currently edition 2 of RatRodz Race Club contains 750 Ratties.

RatRodz Roadmap

Here are some of the elements I am working on as I roll the RatRodz project out! Support the project and help me build something great!

Heat 1: Introductory releases (Right NOW)

In this stage, I am rolling out small editions of 300-500 with new models and features as I create them and can make them available for minting.

Heat 2: Community-building (Fall-Winter 2021)

I am putting effort into creating a community of hot-rod and classic car lovers. Just think -- holders of a RatRod could upload information about local car shows, and even trade parts (possibly). They could also share their real-world hot-rod projects and get tips from community members.

Heat 3: RatRodz the Game (Winter 2021-2022)

I am currently designing a racing game where players can race their RatRodz, earn crypto, and win upgrades to their cars which make them more unique and collectibile!

Heat 4: RatRodz Token (Spring 2022)

In this stage I will be developing a community token which will be redeemable for additional NFTs and upgrades, as well as possible community features depending on how the project develops.

About the RatRodz Creator, Jon C. Wretlind

I have been in the graphic design and website development industry for more than 30 years. I am the Creative Director/Sr. Developer at Beyond Blue Media, a digital marketing agency in Fort Collins, Colorado, and specialize in developing online applications for clients working to make our shared human experience a better one. In 1996, I earned a Bachelor's in Graphic Design from ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena CA, and a Master's in Divinity with a focus on Chaplaincy and Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2011. I am also currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Art in Graphic Design through Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Our Community Manager, ElvisGAN

Hello RatRodz Club! Today I am joining the team as a Community Manager. You'll find me in the Discord and Telegram. I have a background in marketing, with heavy emphasis on the social media side.

My introduction to the RatRodz project was in November 2021 by the lead developer, @JCWretlind. Jon and I have worked closely together on several projects in the past, and I am always impressed with his work. He is gifted in being able to clearly communicate a vision, and execute it. Jon has the drive to design "human experiences" rather than "user experiences", and he is usually found at the intersection of tech and design; A perfect fit for the emerging NFT landscape.

I hopped on this opportunity once it was presented to me. Truth be told, I started minting like mad after I signed on to the project. (At .03 SOL, who wouldn't?) 😂

So why am I investing my time and resources here? Because I believe NFTs are the future, and that anyone investing in quality NFTs now will realize a large upside within the next few years. Being in on the ground floor of a project like this is rare, and I appreciate rarity. As the NFT landscape progresses, I believe that folks will want to have, trade, and show off their super slick RatRodz.

So then, I am joining the RatRodz team as Community Manager and I'm open to ideas about how we can improve as we move forward. I’ll also likely contribute on the various other exciting projects that we have on the roadmap. I am blessed to be here, and will do my best to light up this community. Thanks for reading, and a big thanks to Jon for the opportunity!